What is our Programme About?

SFP10-14 (UK) is a 7 week evidence-based programme delivered through Oxford Brookes University to help families with young people aged between 10 and 14 to prepare for teenage years.

The programme is aimed at reducing alcohol and drug use, behavioural problems in adolescence and strengthening the parent/carer child relationship. It helps young people to avoid problems with drugs and alcohol, resist peer pressure and communicate better with parents/caregivers. Through discussions and fun games and activities, families solve problems together, learn about rules and consequences and explore ways to show love and support, strengthening family communication.

Who is our Programme for?

It is mainly for parents of children aged between 10-14 years at universal and targeted levels, with a focus on preventing substance misuse. The programme is appropriate for single parents, blended or first-time nuclear families.

What is our Programme Objective

The main objective is to reduce alcohol and substance misuse and other behavioural problems during adolescence. This will be achieved through improved skills in nurturing and child management by parents and improved interpersonal and personal competencies amongst young people.

  • Increasing parenting skills
  • Building life skills in youth
  • Strengthening family bonds

Origin of Programme

The programme was originally created by the Iowa State University in USA and further developed based on a high quality scientific research study examining the effectiveness of the programme.


SFP10-14 (UK) independent programme studies showed that young people attending the programme are significantly less likely to have problems with alcohol, drug, substance misuse, aggressive and hostile behaviour, peer resistance for up to four years after the intervention compared to youth in the control group. Data showed a similar pattern with several other outcome measures as young people also improved school attendance and academic achievement; families improved their functioning and emotional health.

graph showing increasing effectiveness

International Recognition

The studies and the SFP10-14 (UK) have been highlighted in an International Cochrane Collaboration systematic evidence review funded by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UK Alcohol Education and Research Council (AERC). This evidence review was presented at the EU/WHO Ministerial Conference held in Stockholm in 2001 which led to the Stockholm Declaration on “Young people and Alcohol”.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has also highlighted the potential of the SFP10-14 (UK) in their reports on alcohol misuse prevention and cancer prevention. The programme is also recognised by the UK Home Office.

In addition, our SFP10-14 (UK) has been also selected by the National Academy for Parenting Practitioners (NAPP) for their training offer of evidence based programmes up to the end of 2009.

Equality and Diversity

SFP10-14 (UK) has been designed for and is used with ethnically diverse families in rural and urban settings. The programme does not rely heavily on written materials and facilitators are provided with strategies for dealing with parents with literacy needs during the SFP10-14 (UK) training. We encourage male-female combinations of trainers when delivering training and facilitating SFP10-14 (UK) programmes with families.