Level 1 Certification

The Level 1 certification consists of a three day facilitator training programme (TOF) aimed at preparing up to 21 facilitators to deliver the SFP10-14 (UK) programme to families with young people aged 10-14 years in their locality. Groups of at least three facilitators per programme site should receive training or individual facilitators must have access to other trained facilitators to run the SFP10-14 (UK) programme.

Qualifications and Experience Required

All practitioners are generally required to have a minimum qualification of QCF level three in working with parents and children, with low to moderate expertise and experience of working with groups of both adults and young children. However, individuals with relevant experience of working with young people, parents or families are always welcome to apply for training. Experience of working with people who have challenging behaviour and literacy problems can be advantageous.

Facilitator programme is delivered by two SFP10-14 (UK) trainers and facilitators learn:

  • Background, evidence base, goals, content and evaluation of the programme
  • Take part in session activities
  • Obtain information on practical considerations as recruiting families, handling challenging parents and youth during programme sessions

A copy of our SFP10-14 (UK) Facilitator Pre-course Information Pack is to be found here.
If you would like more information on the price of the three day Facilitator training programme please click here.