How is this Programme Delivered?

The programme is delivered in seven weekly sessions lasting two hours. Parents and young people meet separately for the first hour, and then spend the second hour together in family activities. It can be delivered in any suitable setting such as school or community centre. Four optional booster sessions are designed to be used in six months to one year after the end of the first seven sessions to reinforce the skills gained in the original sessions.

Group size can range from 8 to 13 families, for a total of 20 to 30 individuals. It is ideal if each youth can attend with two adults, either two parents/caregivers or one parent/caregiver and another adult in the youth’s life such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle or a close family friend.

A minimum of three group leaders are needed to deliver the programme, one to lead the parent session and two to lead the youth session. In addition, one to two helpers can assist the functioning of the programme especially in the case of families with more severe problems.

Programme topics

Youth sessions focus on strengthening goal setting, dealing with stress and strong emotions, communication skills, increasing responsible behaviour, and improving skills to deal with peer pressure. Youth Booster sessions focus on making good friends, handling conflict and reinforcing skills learned in the first seven sessions.

Parents discuss the importance of both nurturing their youth whilst, at the same time, setting rules, monitoring compliance, and applying appropriate discipline. Topics include making house rules, encouraging good behaviour, using consequences, building bridges, and protecting against alcohol and substance misuse.

Parent Booster sessions focus on handling parents’ stress, communicating when partners don’t agree and reinforcing earlier skills training.

Family sessions include parent-youth discussions, games, projects, skill-building practice and DVD viewing.

Basic 7 Week Programme Table

Week Parent Sessions Youth Sessions Family Sessions
1 Using Love and Limits Having Goals and Dreams Supporting Goals and Dreams
2 Making House Rules Appreciating Parents Appreciating Family Members
3 Encouraging Good Behaviour Dealing with Stress Using Family Meetings
4 Using Consequences Following Rules Understanding Family Values
5 Building Bridges Handling Peer Pressure I Building Family Communication
6 Protecting Against Substance Misuse Handling Peer Pressure II Reaching Our Goals
7 Using Community Resources Reaching Out To Others Putting It All Together & Graduation

Booster sessions

Parent Sessions Youth Sessions Family Sessions
Handling Stress Handling Conflict Understanding Each Other
Communicating When You Don’t Agree Making Good Friends Listening to Each Other
Reviewing Love And Limit Setting Skills Getting the Message Across Understanding Family Roles
Reviewing How to Help With Peer Pressure Practising Skills Using Family Strengths

Programme materials for facilitators

Our programme materials consist of:

  • Programme manual and set of 30 posters
  • Programme DVD
  • Training folder
  • Fridge magnets
  • Leaflets

We are currently developing a Welsh language version of the programme materials and DVD and also have plans to develop versions in other languages, mainly Asian languages.

Please see our SFP10-14 (UK) product price list for more details.

Requirements for training

Two rooms are required. One large enough to accommodate both parents/carers and young people when doing joint activities and playing games.

We also need projector/laptop facilities with a screen or white board or large TV with DVD player. Projecting the DVD onto a screen or white board is the better option. Flipchart and markers are also essential.