SFP 10-14(UK) for Practitioners

As a practitioner who works with parents and young people, you may have participated in a few parenting programmes.

  • Are you now looking for something different that could enrich your qualifications and give you a different perspective?
  • Do you want to offer something new to parents and young people in your area?
  • Do you want to offer a programme that really works?

Our programme is unique in the way it works with both parents and children by bringing them together. It helps young people to avoid problems with drugs and alcohol, resist peer pressure and communicate better with parents/caregivers.

Through discussions and fun games and activities, families solve problems together, learn about rules and consequences and explore ways to show love and support, strengthening family communication.

Since the early 90s, alcohol misuse and other behavioural problems have been increasing amongst young people. The Strengthening Families Programme 10-14 (UK) aims to increase prevention efforts to reduce these trends. Having adapted a highly successful US evidence based programme for the UK, we have trained hundreds of practitioners across 24 English local authorities as well as in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Families can lack support when they need it most. We are reaching out to these families through our programme and are helping them to strengthen their family bonds.

“The effect of the Strengthening Families Programme on some of the most challenging families has been a privilege to witness.”

Jacci Spashett, Senior Parenting Practitioner, Department for Children, Schools and Families