A Short life Story

“I was given a Parenting Order by a Judge … I hated it but then I gradually started to enjoy learning how I could help my kids …I am now a qualified teacher of the Strengthening Families Programme.”

Michaela Bird, Wakefield, West Yorkshire (2009)

What other parents, carers and youth have said about our Strengthening Families Programme 10-14 (UK)

I enjoyed the DVDs and having the family meetings. The role play and acting was good especially ‘setting up situations.’ The games were good and I liked the three legged game.

I like working with my parents. I enjoyed the car game and the treasure map – you know, talking about your dreams. I enjoyed the role models in the last week.

It is really good and you make new friends.

I am a single parent, I am on my own, it is very hard to be a mum and a dad, but the tools gained from the course have been extremely beneficial.

I would recommend it to anyone, it is really good fun!

Working towards goals and by reaching those goals we spend time together, go places, he cherishes the one to one.

I feel that you have never got enough skills as a parent, I have learned a lot from this course, my son has learned a lot from this course and it has brought us closer together and I think it would bring any family closer together.

I did learn – from keeping out of trouble really. And we use the points chart. If I tidy up I get my pocket money. And I understand my mum better now and she understands me better too.