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Welcome to our pages for parents

Being a parent constantly throws us challenges and rewards and is the most important job you will ever do. Becoming a teenager can also be a challenging time for young people as they become more independent and spend more time away from their parents. This can present new challenges for everyone concerned.

  • Wish you were enjoying being a parent more?
  • Would you like your life at home to be calmer?
  • Are you worried about that your child might start smoking, drinking or experimenting with drugs?
  • Do you need some new ideas, tips on how to talk to your children so they listen?
  • Wish you could improve your relationship with your child?

In general, do you want things to change?

If yes, then come to one of our Strengthening Families Programmes, meet other parents and professionals and discuss the joys and difficulties of being a parent. The programme is an informal and relaxed way to learn and try out new skills.

A powerful and enjoyable Parenting Programme

The Strengthening Families Programme has been delivered by facilitators in the UK for about eight years. During that time thousands of families have participated and as a direct result of the programme have developed stronger family bonds. There is a great deal of research that has shown benefits to both adults and young people who have attended the programme and we are sure that you will find it to be powerful and enjoyable and it will help you make real changes both in your parenting skills and in your teenager’s life.

Skills to help you grow stronger together

Parenting books and magazines often tell you what to do, but the Strengthening Families Programme will help you identify what you are doing well and also offer you a range of additional skills that may help you and your family grow stronger together. Meanwhile, your son or daughter will also be learning new skills, thinking about their future goals and participating in group games and activities that will make them want to come back the following week!

“I was given a Parenting Order by a Judge … I hated it but then I gradually started to enjoy learning how I could help my kids … I am now a qualified teacher of the Strengthening Families Programme.”

Michaela Bird, Wakefield, West Yorkshire (2009)