The SFP 10-14 in Spain

The Addictive Behaviour Group at the University of Oviedo, financed initially by the Spanish National Plan on Drugs, and then by the Spanish Psychological Association thanks to support from Diageo España, has been working for several years on the task of adapting the SFP10-14 for Spain with the intention not only of obtaining the written and audiovisual materials necessary for its application in this country, but also for carrying out a rigorous assessment to check whether the Spanish version of SFP has the same effects as its original North American version.

The project consisted of a first phase involving the initial translation and adaptation of the original SFP10-14 texts and audiovisual materials. The Addictive Behaviour Group members themselves worked as the Review Group for this initial adaptation, attempting to adjust the content, examples and activities of each session to the referants and the customs in public meetings that characterise the Spaniards. The adaptation remained faithful to the active principles involved in the SFP10-14, while permitting ourselves a considerable degree of freedom in pursuit of the form of transmitting those active principles. This process gave rise to the first Spanish version of the SFP, called “Familias que Funcionan”, with its corresponding texts and audiovisual materials.

In the second phase, the first version was used for a pilot application to a small population from three public (state) schools in the Asturias region, with the aim of testing the functioning of our adaptation, using the families attending and the applicators of the program as a consultation and discussion group. This pilot application gave rise to a few changes in some texts, the inclusion of new texts, adaptations of some activities and increases or decreases in the amount of time allotted for the activities. In any case, as had occurred in the first phase, these changes were never large in number or substantial, so that the “Familias que Funcionan” adaptation remained very similar to the original SFP10-14. As a result of this second phase we now have a definitive program.