The development of this website has been sponsored by Diageo PLC. The SFP 10-14 (UK) programme materials have been produced with sponsorship from Diageo Great Britain, as part of its corporate social responsibility programme. The material has been produced to be used in a national evaluation study funded by the United Kingdom Alcohol Education and Research Council (AERC) and the United Kingdom Home Office. The AERC funds research and education to inform alcohol policy and practice, and the U.K. Home Office co-ordinates the delivery of the National Drug Strategy.

In the U.K., the revised version of the SFP prevention material has been adapted under license from The Iowa State University of Science and Technology, Ames, Iowa USA. Original creators of the materials are: Virginia Molgaard, Ph.D., Emeritus Associate Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Iowa State University; Karol Kumpfer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Health Promotion and Education, College of Health, University of Utah; and Elizabeth Fleming, MS, Extension Family Life Specialist, Iowa State University Extension.

The original version of this programme was developed through Project Family which was funded by grants from the National Institute of Drug Abuse and the National Institute for Mental Health and directed by Richard Spoth, Ph.D., at the Social and Behavioural Research Centre for Rural Health at Iowa State University. Funding for the multicultural program revision was provided by: Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., Polk County Decategorization, Family Preservation and Support Services Program and Iowa State University Extension.

Barnsley Primary Care Trust, through its Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service co-ordinated multi-agency parenting work (‘Altogether Now’), supported Sara Male and Megan Marsh to introduce the original SFP programme into Barnsley in 2001 – the first area in the U.K. The positive outcomes of its practical application in Barnsley have contributed to the development of the revised version of the SFP for use in the U.K