SFP 10-14(UK) for Academics

The SFP10-14 resulted from an adaptation of the original Strengthening Families Programme developed at the University of Iowa in the United States. It is an alcohol and drug misuse prevention programme for families with young people aged 10 to 14 years old.

The long-term aim of the SFP10-14 is to reduce alcohol and drug use and behaviour problems during adolescence. This is achieved through improved skills in nurturing and child management by parents, and improved interpersonal and personal competencies amongst young people. Parents of all educational levels are targeted and printed materials for parents are written at a suitable reading level.

A large programme of further research is now underway to adapt and test the SFP10-14 in a number of different European countries.

The SFP10-14 makes extensive use of DVD material portraying pro-social behaviours and the programme is suitable for families from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

The SFP10-14 has seven two hour sessions for parents and young people who attend separate skill-building groups for the first hour, then spend the second hour together in supervised family activities. Four booster sessions are designed to be used six months to one year after the end of the first seven sessions in order to reinforce the skills gained in the original sessions.

Youth sessions focus on strengthening goal settings, dealing with stress and strong emotions, communication skills, increasing responsible behaviour and improving skills to deal with peer pressure. Youth Booster sessions focus on making good friends, handling conflict and reinforcing skills learned in the first seven sessions.

Parents discuss the importance of both nurturing their youth whilst, at the same time, setting rules, monitoring compliance and applying appropriate discipline. Topics include, making house rules, encouraging good behaviour, using consequences, building bridges and protecting against alcohol and substance misuse.

Parent Booster sessions focus on handling parents stress, communicating when partners don’t agree and reinforcing earlier skills training.

Each session contains a variety of activities:

  • Parent sessions include viewing and discussing videos that portray negative and positive interactions with youths, skill-building activities and group support
  • Youth sessions include game-like learning activities, discussions and skill-building activities
  • Family sessions include parent-youth discussions, games, projects, skill-building practice and DVD viewing
Week Parent Sessions Youth Sessions Family Sessions
1 Using Love and Limits Having Goals and Dreams Supporting Goals and Dreams
2 Making House Rules Appreciating Parents Appreciating Family Members
3 Encouraging Good Behaviour Dealing with Stress Using Family Meetings
4 Using Consequences Following Rules Understanding Family Values
5 Building Bridges Handling Peer Pressure I Building Family Communication
6 Protecting Against Substance Misuse Handling Peer Pressure II Reaching Our Goals
7 Using Community Resources Reaching Out To Others Putting It All Together & Graduation