Why is the GBG important?

Behaviour management is very important in today’s classrooms but also in the broader community and society. The recent interest and public awareness about deep seated social problems affecting young people across England have shown that there is a need to address anti-social behaviour and dysfunctional family structures. Globally, there has been a shift towards social interventions that are informed by research. The GBG is an American programme that has been proven to work and has been adapted for primary schools in the UK and several other countries. It has been very well received by pupils, teachers, Headteachers and other senior staff in the GBG pilot project in Oxfordshire, and the Local Authority have continued to roll out the GBG to Oxfordshire primary schools.

Oxford Brookes University and Oxfordshire County Council are working in partnership with the American Institutes for Research (AIR), who developed the GBG. The goal is to build sustainability in the UK by embedding training and expertise at a time when improving social wellbeing through education, research and innovation are also a government priority. Our aim is to bring proven interventions to the UK with the longer-term goal of establishing healthy, resilient communities.