There’s been an added benefit…and it’s mainly in terms of children taking responsibility for their learning but also the attitudes to their learning…Children are more engaged, they’re actually producing more…and their work ethic has improved.

(Lisa Rowe, Headteacher, Woodstock Primary)

I’ve found it a really positive experience, I’ve really valued it. In terms of the children, they have also valued it as a positive experience, and I can see that it has had huge benefits. They are very well behaved as a whole anyway, but I’ve found that this has really helped them to focus more…in terms of helping them to sustain concentration and develop good work attitudes and habits.

(Caroline Atkin, Teacher, St. James, E. Hanney)

I really believe in the model. I think it’s incredible, and just the marked improvement in teacher practice and management of classroom behaviour has been absolutely phenomenal.

(Lauren Bishop, Coach)

The GBG helps us to focus and learn. It’s fun to work as a team and having something to aim for.

(Year 4, St. John the Evangelist, Carterton)

It helps us to get on with our work so that we don’t chat.

(Year 1 / 2, St James, E. Hanney)