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Many children and young people face significant challenges as they grow up. Sometimes, aspects of family, school or community life can be improved, helping to prevent the development of unhealthy or antisocial behaviours, and promoting higher levels of wellbeing and achievement.

Brookes Prevention links evidence, education and practice for effective prevention work in communities throughout the United Kingdom. We can help you to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people in your community.

Take a look through this website to see how we can help you to help others.

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Realising Ambition

Summertime news for those of you who missed it. The SFP 10-14 (UK) is one of 25 outstanding replication projects funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s Realising Ambition Programme.


New Linked in Group

A learning network for the Realising Ambition-funded Strengthening Families Programme 10-14 (UK) based at Oxford Brookes University, designed to share information and skills and build on strengthening links and knowledge.

Big Lottery Fund

Debby and Lynsey

£1.5m Awarded to Help Strengthen Families

Oxford Brookes University’s Strengthening Families Programme 10-14 UK (SFP10-14 (UK)) has received significant investment to help prevent young people in the UK becoming involved in criminal activity and anti-social behaviour.

Since the early 90s, alcohol misuse and other behavioural problems have been increasing among young people. The SFP 10-14(UK) aims to strengthen prevention efforts to reduce these trends.

The £1,489,679 investment from the Big Lottery Fund (BIG) will allow the SFP10-14(UK) to be rolled out to new areas of the UK and Oxford Brookes’ work will have a particular focus on Muslim families.

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Promotional Materials

Lots of ways to promote the SFP 10-14(UK) course. From sets of full colour brochures to usefully eye catching smaller items like pens, mugs and reusable cotton shopping bags all bearing the course logo.


Programme Manuals and DVDs

Everything you need to run your SFP 10-14(UK) sessions. The full manual comes with seperate sessions stored together in a sturdy plastic case. The DVDs come in a set of three, including Parents Sessions, Youth Sessions, Family Sessions plus two booster sessions.